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The 13 Best Influencer Marketing Platforms, Tools & Software 2024

TJ Kiely

Dec 19, 2023

Influencer marketing has become one of the most popular marketing strategies in recent years. And it’s no wonder — influencer marketing can be extremely effective for promoting your brand or product. But as the practice of using influencers grows, so do the challenges in finding, vetting, and managing them.

Key leaders on social media, or influencers, have large followings of engaged users who trust their opinions. It’s no surprise that 89% of brands say that influencer marketing ROI is comparable to, or better than other forms of marketing.

Influencer management can easily become a full-time job. To get a great ROI from your influencer campaigns, you need to keep a firm finger on the influencer marketing pulse.

Here are the best influencer marketing platforms and tools to keep your strategy on track:

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Meltwater: Best Influencer Marketing Solution

A global leader in social listening and media relations, Meltwater brings confidence to the process of finding and vetting influencers, measuring campaign ROI, and partnership management. The Meltwater influencer marketing solution centralizes your influencer marketing efforts by giving you a single interface for your entire strategy.

Easily manage and scale your influencer campaigns with our influencer marketing hub - demo Meltwater banner

Starting with influencer discovery, brands can lean on the platform's True Reach score to determine an creator's real audience size and level of influence, letting them choose partners based on engagement rather than audience size.

Meltwater’s influencer marketing solution also allows you to manage your entire end-to-end influencer marketing strategy. From content creation to campaign measurement, automated reporting helps you track the success of each piece of content and campaign.

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Klear, a Meltwater offering

Yoga Revolution Campaign

Klear sets a new standard in Influencer marketing, making it easy to systematize and streamline influencer strategies. Use AI-driven technology to easily identify best-fit influencers in your niche. You can filter your options based on attributes like audience size (nano influencers, micro-influencers, etc.), category, location, and more.

What’s more, you can analyze each prospect before moving forward with paid influencer campaigns. This helps you keep your influencer marketing costs low by avoiding partnerships with the wrong influencers.

Klear also includes CRM functionality so you can maintain relationships with your chosen influencers. Keep track of conversations, content, timelines, and other data from a single source of truth.

Building strong partnerships is key to getting the best results from influencer marketing, and Klear does most of the heavy lifting for you. Take a look at The Total Economic Impact™ of the Klear Platform.



This recognizable name in content marketing is also a helpful influencer marketing platform. Its main focus is helping brands find influencers to partner with based on niche, engagement, and content. It searches for popular accounts that post similar content to yours so you can amplify your voice across their channels.

BuzzSumo’s influencer marketing software helps you find influencers based on your social media channels. You can also set up alerts to see when your chosen influencers post content.

BuzzSumo also offers a free trial so you can test drive its influencer discovery features.



One of the simplest influencer marketing tools, Audiense gives you deeper insights into your target audience. By learning more about the segments that drive your business, you can discover the influencers your audience cares about — and partner with them!

This influencer marketing tool gives you a reverse engineering approach to influencer marketing.

By partnering with influencers with whom your audience is already familiar, you’ll have a better chance of landing on their radars. What’s more, you’ll build positive brand association, trust, and familiarity, which are among influencer marketing’s biggest benefits.



Touted as an outreach CRM, BuzzStream also provides tools for influencer marketing.

Its focus on list building helps you create and curate lists of potential influencers, send pitches, and track your results. Keep all of your influencer profile information in one place, including conversations, metrics, contact history, and more.

Once you earn media placements, BuzzStream will manage your links and mentions. It replaces clunky spreadsheets and helps your team avoid pitching the same publications.



Traackr is a comprehensive influencer marketing tool that bridges the gaps between finding, coordinating, and executing influencer campaigns.

Its data-driven approach helps companies find great brand fits and learn who their competitors are using. The platform also helps you prove influencer ROI by tracking key campaign metrics on your behalf.

Within Traackr, brands can run affiliate influencer marketing programs and easily attribute sales to the influencer. Traackr also streamlines the processes of sending influencer gifts, paying commissions, and even recommending fees for paid collaborations.



Upfluence's influencer marketing tool helps brands identify relevant influencers, track their campaigns, and measure their results. Its features span the entire influencer gamut, including discovery and vetting, product seeding, affiliate linking, influencer payments, and campaign metrics.

Upfluence also serves as a hub for your user-generated content. Create influencer campaign briefs for your partners that outline your objectives, expectations, and other details. Creators can send their content to you via the platform. You can approve drafts, leave feedback, and collaborate with your team to fine-tune every campaign before it goes live.



NeoReach helps you form strong relationships with content creators. Develop all parts of your campaign within the influencer marketing platform, from choosing the right channels to analyzing relevant metrics and everything in between.

What makes NeoReach one of the best influencer marketing platforms is its customizable API. Users can extract more than 400 individual data points from NeoReach’s database to create the exact dataset they need.

Whether you need a Spanish-speaking fitness and parenting influencer or an influencer from Massachusetts who's in the automotive industry and loves to fish, you can keep filtering your options until you find the right partners.

This influencer platform also boasts built-in fraud detection. The platform analyzes social media posts, activity, and account growth trends, among other data. Spot fake influencers early in the process before you pay them for a campaign.



TapInfluence is a great Instagram influencer marketing platform because it focuses on popular Instagram categories, such as beauty, fashion, food, and lifestyle. Discover influencers in these key niches, make an introduction, then manage your campaigns from within the platform.

Users gain a 360-degree view of potential influencer partners. Learn what they charge per post, see their audience size, view the percentage of their sponsored posts, track engagement rates and more, all at a glance.

Automation features like programmatic bidding, sending offers, sharing legal compliance, and campaign workflows take a lot of pressure off marketing teams. There’s less lift involved, allowing you to focus more on the relationship and less on the time-intensive details.



This enterprise-level influencer marketing tool allows users to build authentic partnerships with content creators. It combines AI-powered features with myriad integrations, APIs, and a user-friendly interface to help brands develop their creator network. Find influencers to activate, prove ROI with built-in analytics, and plan and execute campaigns.

What makes CreatorIQ unique is that it can connect to your other business intelligence tools, CRM, e-commerce tools, and more. This gives large brands more visibility into how influencer marketing plays a role in achieving larger business objectives.



A leading Instagram influencer marketing platform, TrendHERO sticks to one platform and does it well. It’s a great tool for sniffing out fake Instagram influencers who try to inflate their audience size. With a database of 100 million users and counting, the platform gives you plenty of data so you can make informed decisions.

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It’s also a helpful tool for competitive analysis. See how your competitors’ accounts are growing, how their content is performing, and when they’re running paid ads.



One of the OG’s of influencer platforms, Onalytica helps brands answer key questions, such as “Who are my best influencers?” and “How do I structure and scale my influencer program?”

Onalytica enables marketers to find and connect with potential influencer partners, manage the relationship (by using a specific influencer management platform), and measure the impact of each campaign. It also helps you gain benchmark insights by analyzing your current brand awareness and engagement. You can see with certainty how your influencers are helping you grow.



Mavrck, formerly GroupHigh, offers an enterprise-grade platform for influencer marketing campaigns. It works across multiple social media platforms, including TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and more.

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Key features include an influencer database, campaign management, relationship management, workflow automation, and influencer campaign measurement, among others.

Its easy-to-use interface helps brands start making the most of their influencer content as soon as possible.

Choosing the Best Influencer Marketing Platform

Whether you’re an agency or a marketing team of one, choosing the best influencer marketing platform can help you drive your strategy forward.

At Meltwater, we love empowering brands to grow their presence in a way that’s authentic, impactful, and confident. The right influencers can check all of these boxes, giving you a way to connect with new fans and grow your credibility with existing customers. Take advantage of our AI-powered features to find and vet influencers, build your strategy, and prove the value of your influencer partnerships.

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