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The Best Influencer Management Platforms & Tools [2024]

TJ Kiely

Dec 18, 2023

Once considered a niche form of marketinginfluencer marketing has become an essential part of many digital marketing strategies. Influencers have built-in audiences, are trusted sources of information, and can help you boost social media engagement.

To reap these and other benefits, though, you’ll need to partner with the right influencers and grow those relationships — a feat that’s easier with the right influencer management platforms and tools.

An influencer management platform can help brands identify the right influencers for their campaign, track influencer campaign performance, and analyze data to improve results.

These tools are invaluable for building relationships with influencers by providing features such as contract management, payment processing, and communication tools. By using an influencer management platform, brands can save time and resources while also achieving better results.

Tip: Download your free social influencer contract template here. If you want to make sure your brand is always on-point, take a look at the best brand management software, platforms, and tools on the market.

Let’s explore some of the best influencer management tools to support your marketing strategies.

In this post, we'll take a look at the following top 10 influencer campaign management tools:

  1. Meltwater

  2. Klear, a Meltwater Offering

  3. Grin

  4. CrewFire

  5. Aspire


  7. Promoty

  8. Afluencer

  9. Influencity

  10. Tapfiliate

Tip: Download your free Influencer Marketing Platform Buyer’s Guide.


Meltwater's influencer marketing solution provides a number of advantages for brands looking to effectively manage their influencer relationships. Whether you're an agency, an enterprise, or a small team, our influencer platform brings confidence to your influencer marketing campaigns.

Meltwater's comprehensive influencer database across all major social media platforms allows brands to quickly and easily identify relevant influencers in their industry with confidence. It also provides detailed insights into each influencer’s reach, engagement, and influence.

Meltwater social influencer management platform product screenshot

Avoid fake influencers with inflated numbers or those who don’t have a highly engaged audience, both of which can stifle your influencer marketing ROI.

Meltwater makes it easy to connect with influencers and track interactions over time. Brands can use the platform to directly contact influencers and collaborate on content creation or product promotion. You can also measure the ROI of each influencer campaign from within the platform, thanks to automated reporting and analytics.

With leading AI-powered social listening, Meltwater can give you additional insights into how your audience feels about your influencer content. Learn which influencers your target audience already knows, who they like and dislike, and whether your influencer is helping or harming your brand.

Social listening helps to remove a lot of the risk of using influencers. If they negatively impact your brand image, you’ll know as soon as possible and can start damage control measures before the situation gets out of hand.

Read our customer story with Talika / DBL, a French beauty brand that used Meltwater to manage an influencer campaign that generated more than 40,000 organic impressions on Instagram stories and drove more than 1,000 profile visits.

Curious to see it in action? !

Klear, a Meltwater Offering

Klear Yoga Revolution Campaign

A leader in full-service influencer management tools, Klear helps brands and businesses connect and collaborate with influencers. The end-to-end platform streamlines every part of the process, including finding and vetting influencer partners, measuring an influencer’s engagement rate, tracking the campaign’s progress, and more.

Its easy-to-use interface doesn’t take away from its power, though. Quickly filter your searches by category, geographic location, level of influence (nano influencers, micro-influencers, mega influencers, etc.), social platform, and other key items.

Once you make a connection, keep managing the relationship with Klear’s purpose-built Influencer CRM:

  • It centralizes all of your communications
  • organizes your influencer content
  • tracks campaign statuses
  • automatically generates affiliate links and tracking codes
  • and more.

Klear gives you hands-on quality in a low-lift environment, allowing you to improve your influencer relationship management with ease. Take a look at The Total Economic Impact™ of the Klear Platform.

Grin Influencer Management Tool

One of the most user-friendly influencer marketing platforms on this list, Grin is built solely for ecommerce influencer marketing.

Similar to other influencer management platforms, Grin helps marketers with influencer discovery and connecting with potential influencers. It acts as a CRM software in managing all of your conversations, outreach, and product seeding in the same place.

If you’re on the fence about multiple influencers, Grin’s influencer scoring system can rank content creators based on their relevance to your target market. Advanced analysis tells you more about your target audience beyond basic demographics so you can form great partnerships and get results.

Grin is a great influencer campaign management platform to fuel your influencer marketing programs and see where you're moving the needle.


CrewFire influencer management platform screenshot

Chances are, you have plenty of current customers who would be happy to promote you to their own social circles. CrewFire makes it easy to create influencer programs where you find these customers and turn them into brand ambassadors.

Using social listening technology, you can find people who are already talking about your brand (in a good way, of course). From there, simply add them to your CrewFire community and start collaborating.

This influencer management tool is specializing on nurturing brand ambassadors. You can upload content within the app, segment your CrewFire audiences, and even incentivize your brand ambassadors.


Aspire influencer management tool screenshot

Also known as AspireIQ (and Revfluence before that), Aspire helps you quickly identify top-performing influencers in your niche so you can reach out and introduce yourself.

This influencer campaign management platform makes communications a breeze, thanks to time-saving features like terms and conditions templates and automated product seeding.

The massive creator marketplace on Aspire also helps your agency save time in finding collaborations. Creators can send you proposals if they want to work with you, allowing you to put some of the influencer management processes on autopilot. influencer campaign management platform screenshot

Formerly called ShopandShout, offers a dual-nature platform for creators and influencer managers.

On the brand side, users can manage influencer campaigns end to end or outsource it to the platform’s managed service center. Brands can also use the platform to create affiliate programs and tie them directly to their ecommerce stores. also offers a marketplace where brands can list themselves and get found by creators.

This influencer management platform’s creator database is relatively small compared to other platforms — about 100K registered users. However, it also allows you to search more than 500 million social media profiles through the platform and filter your options based on specific criteria.



Promoty helps you get the most out of your branded content by helping you manage all of your influencer collaborations in one place. This keeps all of your user-generated content at your fingertips so you can repurpose it, track its success, and know what’s out there with your name attached.

Inside the influencer management platform, you’ll find Promoty’s Influencer CRM. It helps you find influencers on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram and add their details directly to the platform.

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With Promoty's database of more than 100 million creators, you can filter your search options by audience, interest, or other criteria. The in-app chat feature lets you talk with influencers in real-time, all from within the platform.

Overall, this influencer campaign management platform is a huge time saver and will keep you organized and on track.


Afluencer influencer management tool screenshot

Afluencer is one of the few influencer management tools on this list that includes Facebook. While platforms like TikTok and Instagram are historically known for their role in influencer marketing, Facebook continues to be a great connection between brands and new audiences.

What’s unique about this platform is that you can take an inbound approach to influencer collaborations. Simply post a collab opportunity and influencers can send in their applications.

Afluencer does most of the recruiting for you based on your specific needs and use cases so you can focus more on forming great relationships and spend less time on vetting.


Influencity influencer campaign management platform screenshot

One of the best-in-class names in influencer campaign management, Influencity’s all-in-one platform organizes all of your influencer marketing efforts.

  • Set up workflows
  • Manage campaign content
  • Analyze the results from each of your influencers

All in a single space.

One of Influencity's key features is the local influence factor, allowing you to find influencers in specific geographic markets. Predictive analytics adds an extra layer of confidence by helping you vet your shortlist.

Once you form connections, you can assign tasks, share content, establish campaign timelines, and track the progress of each campaign from within the platform.


Tapfiliate logo

Mainly used as a referral management solution, Tapfiliate is increasingly being used to manage influencer relationships. This influencer management platform makes it easy to issue influencers their own unique referral links or discount codes they can share with their audiences. When one of their fans clicks the link and makes a purchase, Tapfiliate will automatically attribute that sale to the influencer.

What’s more, influencers can access their own branded self-serve dashboards within Tapfiliate. Here, they can find self-service links, codes, and other marketing materials on demand. You’ll be able to track their contributions via your own dashboard and KPIs, spot your most active influencers, and prove influencer ROI.

Using the Best Influencer Management Tools for Success

Influencer marketing continues to play a bigger role and earn a larger slice of the content marketing budget each year. With the majority of companies having used influencer marketing at least once, it’s essential to continue upping your efforts with the right influencer management tools.

Take a closer look at Meltwater's influencer marketing solution that combines the power of AI-driven data, social listening, and content management into a single interface. Manage all of your influencer relationships, send them through a data-driven vetting process, and spend your influencer budget wisely. Meltwater handles all the tracking for you and will keep tabs on the content your influencers are posting, helping you protect your brand.

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